Opera FAQs

First time attending an Opera? Here are some FAQs

How do I buy Tickets?

To purchase individual tickets or for membership information visit the tickets portion of our website.

How do I get the best seats?

Orchestra Seats (front and center) are the most popular section for our shows (although there isn’t a bad view in the “house”). To get the best seats we recommend you becoming a member, as priority seating is given to renewing members, new members, then individual ticket buyers. Don’t forget, members are able to purchase their season tickets at a discounted rate!

What should I wear?

Attire varies from, but most dress like they were going to church. Ladies – a dress or nice pants and top, Gentlemen – business casual is appropriate, but feel free to dress up. Have a fancy dress or special suit coat and tie you would like to “show off?” – by all means – dress your best if you desire!

What are they saying?

Our grand Operas are sung in traditional Italian style. If you aren’t able to understand what they are saying English subtitles are provided in the screen above the curtain.

Should I arrive early?

Getting there early ensures you will be seated in time. Those arriving late will not be seated until a suitable pause in the performance. Late comers may even have to sit in the back of the theatre (provided there is an empty seat available) until intermission.

Please don’t add your own sound track. Be sure you have turned off all pagers, watch alarms, or cell phones before the lights are turned down. There have been times when our performers will incorporate the disruption of a ringing cell phone into their act!! Also, please wait until intermission to share your thoughts about the production with your neighbors.

Can I clap yet?

If you’re not sure if you should clap yet – Don’t. Follow the lead of other audience members who are more experienced concertgoers. Typically these moments will be at the end of an act and, of course, at the final curtain.

How long does the Opera last?

Running times often run from show to show, but normally are between 2-3 hours with at least one intermission. For exact running times feel free to contact the venue or use the contact us form to send us your inquiry.

Should I bring children?

Our performances can be about three hours long and usually recommended for children 12 years or older, although there are exceptions. Personal judgment is suggested; as many younger children handle the duration of the performances well. Feel free to visit the Education section of our website for more information and opportunities about our student education programs and incentives.