Education Programming

Children’s Program

Since 1974, Opera New Hampshire has offered a children’s program. The mission of this program is to provide a cultural and educational opportunity to New Hampshire school-aged children, at no cost to them or their schools. The goals of the program are to:

  • Expose children to opera, an art form that is often under-emphasized in school curricula.
  • Demonstrate the interaction of vocal and instrumental music, storytelling, acting, dance, language arts, and other educational subjects within the context
  • Provide children with an opportunity to see and hear live opera.
  • Encourage children to participate in operas.

The ONH Children’s Opera Program reaches thousands of young people each year. The program includes public school children from all economic and ethnic backgrounds, all levels of ability, as well as those challenged by special needs. Children who are being home-schooled and those who attend private and parochial schools are invited to participate in our programs. The number of children we service each year is contingent on our ability to raise the funds necessary to pay for the programs, thus the generosity of patrons and donors is not only appreciated, but essential to its continuation.

In addition to our in school programming, Opera NH has introduced a fairly new program offering complimentary tickets to school children throughout our State (home schoolers included) for the opportunity to attend a grande opera performance live.  In addition to the performance, students are invited to join Opera NH and the performers for a “Prelude to the Opera” back stage pre opera discussion.


Student Opportunities

Opera New Hampshire has also been providing area high school students free admission to our main stage operas each season. Through our Teen Opera Program, we offer a unique glimpse into the opera world by having our young guests not only attend the performances and lectures, but also meet the singers and have the opportunity to ask questions about their careers in the performing arts.

To arrange for your home-school group or school to join us for a show please contact us.

What makes opera so special is that it makes people feel many different emotions. Opera can make you laugh or cry; it can be a mystery or an adventure. Sometimes, all these things happen in the same opera! Many people think that opera singers are serious and stuffy, or that they always perform on a stage in a big theater. That isn’t necessarily so; you can find opera on Sesame Street, or maybe even in a market:

Renee Fleming on Sesame Street

Opera Flash Mob at Reading Market, Philadelphia

You’ll even find opera in your favorite animated movie. Did you know that melody to the sad aria, or song, that Erik sang in Happy Feet 2 was actually written over 113 years ago by Giacomo Puccini?

Even Bugs Bunny was an opera fan!  Click here!

Here are some fun websites that incorporate music in children with everyday life.

These sites are great for kids, parents and teachers!


Prelude to the Opera!

Opera New Hampshire is pleased to offer the unique opportunity to our Season Ticket holders to attend a Prelude to The Opera, where a seasoned Opera “historian” will walk participants through the story line and give a bit of history and information to our audience! If you are interested in attending a Prelude please contact us


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Opera New Hampshire has the pleasure of providing Professional and Authentic performances through Teatro Lirico D’Europa! Learn more about this professional group: