Why Subscribe?

  1. As a subscriber you will receive discounted prices on all of your tickets. You can save up to 25% on the price of your tickets when you buy a subscription.
  2. Keep your seats! The purchase of a subscription reserves your seats for all operas in the season and you can reclaim those seats the following year if you renew by the subscription deadline.
  3. When you subscribe, you can order additional tickets to individual operas. Your order will be filled before tickets to individual operas go on sale to the general public.
  4. Your gift to Opera New Hampshire helps ensure the future of professional opera in New Hampshire. Recognition of your gift will appear in every program book.
  5. Don’t let your seat go empty! Turn in your unused ticket for resale before the performance. If it sells, someone will see a great show and you will receive a tax deduction.

Family Membership—$30, entitles all family members living with you to member prices.
Individual Membership—$20, entitles you to buy ONE subscription at member prices.

Archangel $2,500+ Sponsor $150+
Angel $1,000+ Sustainer $100+
Benefactor 500+ Associate $50+
Patron $250+ Family $30+
Sponsor $150+ Individual $10+

Thank you for supporting the arts!